Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Only a Matter of Time...

If you've read Right Field for any length of time, then you are aware of my dislike and eternal suspicion of Red China. Well, for the first time in a while, it seems as if I'm not the only one. Reports are coming in this morning that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is openly questioning China's defense spending. Specifically, Rumsfeld wonders why China is spending three times more on national defense than what it previously said it would. When asked about the problem, Rumsfeld says what many Americans have been thinking:

"I think it's interesting that other countries wonder why they would be increasing their defense effort at the pace they are and yet not acknowledging it. That is as interesting as the fact that it's increasing at the pace it is."

While these comments do much to demonstrate the awareness of the Bush Administration, this blogger can only hope that this administration is doing all it can to prepare for the looming China threat. For a better look of the current China situation, check out the link below.

Rumsfeld: China Sowing Suspicion Over Army

Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend Thoughts (4th edition)

A little late, but weekend thoughts nonetheless:

It was refreshing to see a quarterback in Matt Leinart who just refused to let his team lose in a big game. Hmm...I wonder who else does that?

At least Reggie Bush is finally getting the attention he deserves.

I'm glad Alabama thought it proper to take approximately 5 years off of my life.

In the NFL, is it really that hard to find 30 good punters and 30 good kickers? Why haven't we searched the ends of the earth for this?

Are the Cowboys really that good? Will Eli win a Super Bowl before Peyton? (my official dream come true, BTW) Will the Patriots ever have a week with all of their starters? Will LaDainian Tomlinson be the best running back/complete football player of all-time? Why is Mike Tice still employed? Tons of NFL questions at close to mid-year.

If the media were more biased for Michelle Wie, they would be her caddy.

I can't help but wonder, after Danica Patrick "hit" Jaques Lazier in the head after their wreck on Sunday, what would have happened if Lazier hit her back (like he should have)? You have to believe that the sports media would come to her defense saying she's "just a woman." How sad...

Did anyone know hockey started? Nah, me either.

Baseball...yawn, wake me up for the World Series. Apparently, judging from t.v. ratings, I'm not the only one who feels this way.

"Re-launch" the SCOTUS nominee, huh? How about we re-launch with a different candidate?

If unions have their way, we can forget modern manufacturing in the United States...

The prosecutor in the Delay case is so sketchy, I can't help but wonder if this case were about a Democrat. Oh, I know what would happen...you would actually hear about it on the news.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Maybe Next Time...yawn

In yet another tired attempt to "get" President Bush, liberals and the MSM are claiming that President Bush's Thursday teleconference with the troops was staged. Instead of explain how ridiculous this non-story is, I will tell you that no answers or questions were given to the troops ahead of time. The only things "staged" prior to the President's attendance in the teleconference was the placement of microphones and the confirmation of what soldiers were responsible for answering questions, based on their experience and subject knowledge. Fortunately, my fellow bloggers have done an amazing job of explaining the idiocy and hypocrisy behind this claim by the left. Yawn...will they ever understand that this stuff just doesn't work?

Original story of "staged" teleconference

As usual, Michelle Malkin does her duty

Publius Rendezvous explains the hypocrisy behind the left

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


What else could I name a post that deals with one of the "dumbest" moves by professional athletes. Last Thursday, during the Minnesota Vikings' bye week, approximately 17 players organized a lake cruise turned sex party. According to officials, the party became so out of control that crew members on the two yachts were offered money for sex and feared for their safety. Now here at Right Field, we are well aware of the poor decisions athletes make. However, this one actually sets a new standard. Congratulations, Minnesota Vikings!

Vikings throw sex party

Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend Thoughts (3rd edition)

Like usual, here are my random thoughts on the weekend:

To the Atlanta Braves...thanks for playing...now go back to Atlanta for the 10th straight year. Looking back on my previous column congratulating the Braves...can I take that back and ask if there is anyway we can put the Braves in the AL East? Keeping them out of the playoffs would save on team travel expenses.

To the Yankees...don't make me turn against you, either.

Great job, Penn State! Only a few more overrated Big Ten teams left, and you will be all set to get annihilated in a BCS game. Congrats!

I can't help but feel sorry for Alabama. One week after one of the biggest victories in school history, and the sports media has already forgotten about you in terms of SEC/National Championship picture.

Would anyone dare bet on NFL games anymore this season?

Tom Brady: 22/27, 350 yds (13 avg), and 3 touchdowns against a top passing defense. Not bad for a "system quarterback", a "dink and dunker", or anything else that the Brady haters try to claim.

On that same note, Matt Schaub: 298 yds and 3 touchdowns against a determined Pats defense. Not that anyone would dare commit blasphemy against Almighty Michael Vick, but him leading the Falcons' offense was a breath of fresh air, ESPECIALLY considering it was his first start.

Watching the Packers and the Saints gave me ulcers. That can't possibly be the way to play football.

The Harriet Miers situation is a mess. If we were going to have a mess, why not make it worth it (i.e. Janice Rogers, Priscilla Owen, etc)

Here's a thought, how about we worry about our own crisis before we turn our attention elsewhere (India quake)?

Speaking of India, like New Orleans, they are also complaining of slow aid. Maybe their government hates Indians.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Hard to Ignore?

In case you missed it yesterday, President Bush made one of the most important speeches in presidential history. Would you know that by listening to media reports? Of course not. To let you see for yourself how special this speech was, I'll post some highlights below, as well as the full transcript. My only regret with this speech is that more people didn't hear it. If President Bush made this message loud and clear, support for the War on Terror would double!

"Our goal is to defeat the terrorists and their allies at the heart of their power. And so we will defeat the enemy in Iraq."

"Our coalition, along with our Iraqi allies, is moving forward with a comprehensive, specific military plan. Area by area, city by city, we're conducting offensive operations to clear out enemy forces and leaving behind Iraqi units to prevent the enemy from returning."

"The time has come for all responsible Islamic leaders to join in denouncing an ideology that exploits Islam for political ends and defiles a noble faith."

"They have been sheltered by authoritarian regimes: allies of convenience like Syria and Iran that share the goal of hurting America and moderate Muslim governments and use terrorist propaganda to blame their own failures on the West and America and on the Jews." (OUCH)

"And in spite of this veneer of religious rhetoric, most of the victims claimed by the militants are fellow Muslims."

Bush says 10 Al Qaeda plots foiled

"We will win in Iraq"

Full transcript of Bush speech

Thursday, October 06, 2005

End of an Era...

For anyone who keeps up with financial news, this announcement comes as no surprise. However, for those of you who listened and watched, as a kid, Michael Eisner's introductions of Disney movies, then this is certainly the "end of an era." This past week, not only did Michael Eisner resign as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, but as of yesterday, also stepped down as a member of the board of directors. While this annoucement spells good news for Disney, the downfall of Michael Eisner is a sad one. If I can compare it to sports, it is like the professional athlete who simply doesn't know when his time has come (i.e. Jerry Rice, Brett Favre, etc). Hopefully, though, both Michael Eisner and Disney will find greener pastures ahead...

Eisner severs all ties to Disney

Iger promoted to CEO